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Scenic Parkway Worksheet

Initiative to Designate Peavine Road as a Scenic Parkway
Under the Tennessee Parkway System

Vision: To make Peavine Road a safe, attractive, and pleasant route of travel from Interstate 40 to Fairfield Glade, TN.

1. To get Peavine Road designated as a Scenic Parkway under the TN Parkway System in accordance with Tennessee Code: 54-17-102 and 54-17-202. (Link for TN codes:

2. To reasonably limit outdoor advertising along Peavine Rd (Route 101).


1. Get the above goals accomplished before the end of 2014.

Requirements: To become a official "Parkway" in the State of Tennessee, the following must be accomplished:

-- Send a persuasive request to the Commissioner of TDOT from an "individual, organization, agency, or group."

-- The Commissioner of the TDOT designates Peavine Road as a Scenic Parkway.


a. Organize an effective group of individuals and organizations to support the above vision and goals.

b. Craft a timeline and assign tasks to accomplish the above set of goals.

c. Generate community and political support.

d. Generate a persuasive letter with compelling documentation to the Commissioner of TDOT requesting Peavine Rd be designated a scenic parkway.