Friends of Peavine
Protection today and for the future


Friends of Peavine

Mission: To get Peavine Road designated as a Scenic Parkway under the Tennessee Parkway System in accordance with Tennessee Code: 54-17-102 and 54-17-202.


1. Publicize the mission of FOP as a means to organize an effective group of individuals and organizations in support of the mission.

2. Generate a petition for residents and visitors of Cumberland County to sign as tangible support of the mission.

3. Research and document any potential historical events endemic to Peavine Road in support of the mission.

4. Document the scenic and natural qualities of Peavine Road.

5. Generate community and political support.

6. Generate a persuasive letter with compelling documentation to the Commissioner of TDOT requesting Peavine Rd be designated a scenic parkway.

7. Accomplish the above mission before the end of 2014.

Organization: The Friends of Peavine is currently an informal, volunteer organization comprised of citizens of Cumberland County with the above single mission. Membership is comprised of adults of Cumberland County intent on accomplishing the mission and goals of FOP. FOP has a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are elected by a simple majority of members of FOP. Meetings will be held at the discretion of the President. Motions will be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, current edition. No formal minutes will be kept. This charter and any by-laws may be developed and/or amended by a majority vote of the members. This organization will dissolve when the mission of FOP is accomplished, or at such time as determined by a majority vote of the officers.

Cathy Tipton, President * Gary Tipton, Vice President * Richard Albins, Secretary

Curt Tannahill, Treasurer